High Tech Handyman

Electronics Services

Help for Home & Office

  • Setup newly purchased  electronics
  • Help operating electronics products
  • Help for Senior Citizens
  • Any electronic product setup
  • Fax machines setup
  • VOIP Telephones installed

Custom Electronics

  • Electronic solutions 
  • Electronics designed & fabricated
  • Cables fabricated & Installed


  • Speakers Repaired
  • VCRs cleaned




Help For Home & Office Electronics

High Tech Handyman offers help with setup or operation of many home consumer electronic products. This service is intended specifically for the average non-technical person who purchases a product such as a VCR, Entertainment system, Radio, or other electronic device and then needs some help setting it up or operating it.

With modern electronics and all the complex features and hookup options, it is very easy to get confused or frustrated. We can come to your Home or Business or.. help you by telephone or Email.


  • Help for Electronics On-Site................$35.00 per hour
  • Help by Telephone or Email................$30.00 per hour


Typical Consumer Electronics Products We Can Help You With:

  • Electronics Products w/Complex Operating Instructions
  • VCR operation & hookups
  • Computers & Peripherals.
  • Entertainment System operation and hookups.
  • Telephones, Answering Machines, FAX, Modems
  • Telephone Accessories
  • Programmable Clocks and Timers
  • Complex Portable Radios and Recorders
  • Games and Entertainment Systems
  • Child's Toys

Need Help for your Electronics?  
(see suggestions below)


ASK ANYTHING: Call or Email and ask for the particular information you are looking for. You can always expect friendly patient and courteous service. We don't consider any questions to be foolish.

OPERATING MANUALS: With modern electronics and so many complex features it's so important to have the original manuals for reference. Please save all operating manuals and have them handy when you call for help.

CONSULTING REQUESTS TIP: If you leave a message via our Voice Mail (answering machine) or Email, please try to provide some details regarding specific problem. If you can provide some basic details we may be able to have an answer ready or the proper references at hand when we return your call. This will tend to save you time & money in the long run.


HOMEPAGE TOP Policy Above Last Updated: 06/15/2008
Fees, services and policies are subject to change.





High Tech Handyman offers a variety of custom electronics services, from fabricating custom cables to design and fabrication of simple electronics circuits. We can also provide an electronic solution to your problem using off the shelf electronic products. The list below will give you a general idea of how we might help you.


  • Technician Hourly Rate..................$45.00 per hour

Custom Electronics Solutions

  • TV or Radio Sound amplifiers for hard of hearing
  • Emergency alert system for senior citizen
  • Video Camera setup to monitor your babysitter
  • Water sensor/alarm monitors basement for flooding
  • Driveway alarm warns you when someone arrives
  • Mailbox alarm tells you you have mail
  • Remote controls for lighting or appliances
  • Automatic timers for lights or appliances
  • Add a phone outlet without running cables
  • Design/build a simple circuit  for switching speakers


VCR Cables, Audio Cables And Accessories

  • Custom Cable Setups (Switches, Splitters, Combiners, Etc.)
  • VCR Hookups & Cable TV Hookups
  • Extension or Auxiliary Speakers Installed
  • Entertainment system hookups

Telephone Lines and Accessories

  • Troubleshooting and repair of existing telephone lines.
  • Custom telephone accessories installed.
  • Assistance with setup of telephones & accessories.

Cable TV Cables, Regular TV Antenna Cables and Accessories

  • Troubleshooting And Repair Of Existing Cables.
  • Custom Cable Setups (Switches, Splitters, Combiners, Etc.)
  • Distribution Amplifiers For Multi-TV Hookups.

SERVICE NOTE: Because we are not a full service wire and cable company we can not perform certain jobs that would require more than one man and high climbs. Basically, we offer indoor type services as opposed to jobs requiring climbing roofs, multi-story buildings, or tall towers.


Call or email for a solution to your problem...  


If you are leaving a message via our Voice Mail (answering machine) or Email, please try to provide enough details regarding your project. If you can provide some basic details we may be able to have an answer ready or the proper references at hand when we return your call.


HOMEPAGE TOP Policy Above Last Updated: 06/15/2008
Fees, services and policies are subject to change.





High Tech handyman offers just a few select repair type services that include speaker repairs and VCR cleaning. See details below.



Do your speakers look like this?
High Tech Handyman can repair your speaker if it's just the foam that has deteriorated or torn around the speaker cone. Sorry, we can't fix it if the paper cone itself is damaged or if the electronic parts are damaged.


  • Speaker Foam Surround Repair.............$30.00 per speaker.
    Customer removes the speaker from cabinet, drops it off & picks it up at our location. Then customer installs speaker back into the cabinet.
  • Speaker Foam Surround Repair.............$40.00 per speaker.
    Customer drops off & picks up entire speaker cabinet up at our location.
  • Speaker Foam Surround Repair.........$40.00 per speaker plus..
    Plus pickup & delivery fee.....................$20.00
    We come to your location for pickup & delivery.

If your speaker foam surround needs repair...  


VCRs Cleaned & Lubed

Is your VCR playback snowy? 
Is playback snowy on one speed and clear on another speed? 

Those are signs that your VCR heads are dirty. VCR head cleaning tapes can sometimes do damage to your heads because they tend to smear the dirt, so it's best to have them professionally cleaned..

 High Tech Handyman will clean the heads of your VCR as well as the parts that collect tape residue due to normal use. Critical mechanical parts will be lubed to keep your VCR running smoothly. 



  • Basic VCR Clean and Lube.............$45.00 per unit
    Customer drops off unit and picks it up at our location. 
  • Basic VCR Clean and Lube.............$55.00 per unit
    We come to your location for pickup & delivery. 

VCR needs cleaning?  

High Tech Handyman does not recommend cleaning the heads unless you are experiencing problems as described above. If it's not broken, don't attempt to fix it!

Sorry, we are not equipped to do general repairs on consumer electronics like TVs, Camcorders, Radios, Tape Recorders, Stereos, etc. .


HOMEPAGE TOP Policy Above Last Updated: 12/10/2005
Fees, services and policies are subject to change.


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