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What is the Best Anti-Spyware Program?

November 2006, by High Tech Handyman

In my opinion, there is no single best anti-spyware program and you 
need 2 or 3 of them to run on a routine basis. There are many 
combinations of anti-spyware products that work well together and
each computer expert has their own favorites. Here I'll tell you mine.

I don't recommend that  you spend a lot of money on anti-spyware 
programs because "free" versions exist that you can use and donate 
to as you feel is fair. I recommend that you use these 3 and donate
to the ones that you feel helped you most.

The anti-spyware products below are available FREE to download.
Used in combination with each other, these 3 products will keep
your system clean of spyware and adware. 

Spybot (website)
Spybot used to be the best, but has now become less effective in 
detecting all spyware. However, it scans quickly and occasionally 
detects and removes items that the other scanners cannot. Spybot 
also has the IMMUNIZE feature that the other two products below 
do not have. Read more about IMMUNIZE.

SuperAntiSpyware (website)
SuperAntiSpyware (SAS), is a relatively new product that often 
finds things that both Spybot and AdAware do not. As of November 
2006 I recommend performing your routine (weekly) spyware scans 
using SAS and Spybot.

AdAware (website)
AdAware seems to find more than Spybot, but recently it has not 
been  as effective as SuperAntiSpyware. AdAware does not have an 
IMMUNIZE feature like Spybot does.


Happy & Safe Computing!
 Any questions? 


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