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Procedure for Windows Updates (Win98/WinME)

1.) Run the Windows Updates. 
While connected to the Internet, go to.. START -> Windows Update. 
If it's not there, try.. START -> Programs -> Windows Update. 

2.) Internet Explorer will open automatically and take you
 to the Microsoft Windows Updates site. 

Wait several minutes for it to check your computer
to see if any Windows Updates are available to you.
 If any are available, Click.. Review and Install Updates

3.) Any available updates will be displayed. 
Click... INSTALL

If no updates are available it will tell you so and you
 may simply quit by clicking... X in the upper right corner 
of the browser window and you are done.

4.) You will see an indication that the updates are downloading
 and installing. Everything occurs automatically but sometimes
 you may have to click an OK button to complete the process. 
After the updates are installed you may have to restart the 
computer. Just follow the prompts.

That's it, done!

Happy & Safe Computing!
 Any questions? 


  High Tech Handyman Homepage  >  Free Info  > Windows Update Issue