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What Should I do to Keep Out Viruses & Spyware?
(Updated November 2006)

You need to do 4 basic things:

1.) Ensure you have all Critical Microsoft Windows Updates.
If not set to automatically obtain Windows Updates, run the
Windows Updates 
every month or so per procedure...
  Win98/WinME procedureWinXP procedure   

2.) Ensure your Anti-Virus program is always running and 
updated often so you have the latest virus definitions.
Keep your PC powered ON so that anti-virus updates & scans will 
occur as scheduled in
your Anti-virus program.

3.) Ensure your Firewall program is always running.

Firewall does not require frequent updates like an anti-virus program does.

4.) Run one or two of your Anti-Spyware programs weekly. 
Download the updates and perform scans to remove any spyware.
The following three anti-spyware programs are recommended:
Spybot procedure
SuperAntiSpyware procedure
AdAware procedure

Happy & Safe Computing!
Any questions?

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