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Which Verizon DSL Service should 
I get, 768 kbps or 3 mbps?

First lets get all the speed descriptions into the same type of units so that we are talking apples Vs apples. Speaking in common terms of kbps (thousands of bits per second) speed, 768 kbps DSL is slower than 3000 kbps DSL. Likewise, 56 kbps Dialup is mush slower than 768 kbps DSL.

To my knowledge, the reliability of either DSL speed is the same if provided for by the same company. Nowadays, DSL is very reliable and dependable. The real question is; How fast of a connection do you really need for the way that you use the internet connection?

If you mainly browse websites and do Email, but don't frequently download huge files greater than 50 mb, then 768 speed is plenty fast enough and the best choice if a low monthly bill is also of high priority to you.

Below is a comparison of times it takes to perform various
 common tasks at 56 kbps dialup, 768 kbps DSL, and 
3000 kbps DSL speeds. Use this as a guide to determine 
whether 768 speed will be satisfactory to you.

- Typical Web Page load time: 
30 sec @56 Dialup, 6 sec @ 768 DSL; 2 sec @ 3000 DSL

- Web based Email such as Yahoo Email. The time it takes to move
 from one screen or function to another when processing Email:
10 sec @56 Dialup, 2 sec @ 768 DSL; 1 sec @ 3000 DSL

- Download 10 Text Type Emails to Outlook Express: 
60 sec @ 56 Dialup, 12 sec @ 768 DSL; 4 sec @ 3000 DSL

- Download a MP3 Music file (5 mb): 
10 min @ 56 Dialup; 1 min @ 768 DSL; 0.25 min @ 3000 DSL

- Update your Anti-Spyware or Anti-Virus Program (10 mb): 
20 min @ 56 Dialup; 2 min @ 768 DSL; 0.5 min @ 3000 DSL

- Download a Medium Sized Software Program (25 mb): 
60 min @ 56 Dialup; 4 min @ 768 DSL; 1 min @ 3000 DSL


  So now you decide...

Can you deal with 6 seconds to load a typical web page?

Is 4 minutes or less acceptable download time to 
download an occasional medium sized program file or update?

Would you rather to pay about $18 per month 
versus $30 for your DSL service?

If you answered YES to all these questions above, 
the 768 DSL service is a good choice for you.


Below are some other issues to consider for 
choosing a faster Internet connection.

* VOIP services such as Vonage will work with internet connections 90 kbps or higher, however the VOIP Internet telephone services generally work better at speeds higher than 768 DSL.

* If you frequently download music or video files, or files larger than 25 mb, you can save considerable time downloading each month by having a higher speed connection than 768 DSL.

Example: In a typical month you download 50 music files at 
5 mb each and 5 videos at 75 mb each. That's a total of 625 mb.

625 mb downloads in.. 111 mins @ 768 DSL, 28 mins @ 3000 DSL. That can translate to 83 minutes of your personal time saved in a 1 month period if you choose 3000 DSL over the 768 DSL. You now have to decide if it's worth paying an additional $12 per month to save that much time?

TIP: Monitor or estimate your downloading habits for a 
typical month and if you find that you are downloading 
more than 500 MB per month then it's probably best to 
go with an internet connection faster than 768 DSL.

Do your own speed comparisons here... http://download.stormloader.com/

Happy & Safe Computing!
 Any questions? 


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