Pete Federico
High Tech Handyman
210 Fourth St.
Fieldsboro, NJ 08505



Directions - Going NORTH on Route 130
Towards Bordentown

* Take Route 130 NORTH going towards Bordentown.

* After you pass Liberty Diner and the road dips down
  a bit, look on your right for a large radio tower.
  Just past that tower you will see a sign for  "Fieldsboro"

* Make a RIGHT into the jug-handle and come back
  across Route 130 at the traffic light. This is
  Washington Street in Fieldsboro (It's Dunns Mill
  road on the opposite side of the highway)
* Go straight on Washington St. past the Acme about 1/4 
   to the stop sign. The Fieldsboro Inn and Mario&Franks Pizza 
   are on opposite corners. That's Fourth Street.
   Make a LEFT onto Fourth Street.

* Go about 1/4 mile on Fourth St. and just around the
   bend you will see Cool Cricket Bar (large green building).
   High Tech Handyman  is the second mailbox 
   (clearly marked 210) past the Cool Cricket Bar. Look for a 
   blue house with a large blue garage in  the back.  
   Pull all the way into the driveway and come to the back door.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you call just before you come
down to ensure that someone will be here to meet you.