He's Not Your Ordinary Handyman
Introducing... High Tech Handyman
My Technical Background in Computers & Electronics

Hi, my name is Pete Federico and I am the High Tech Handyman. For about 21 years, I was employed in the electronics and aerospace field by companies such as Blonder Tongue Labs, RCA, GE, MartinMarietta, and LockheedMartin. My training and experience is mainly as an electronic technician in the engineering department for development of radio frequency amplifiers and microwave transmitters used in communications satellites. I also worked in the manufacturing test department as a technician and computer programmer (Visual Basic and VBA) where I was responsible for the setup and maintenance of about 50 computers that were used for the testing of flight hardware of multi-million dollar space satellites. I've been operating, building and programming computers since about 1982, resulting in over 20 years experience. After being laid off in 1997, I took the opportunity to start my own business as HIGH TECH HANDYMAN.

My Creative & Craftsman Skills

I have various other creative skills and experience with such things as airbrush painting & artwork, 35 mm & digital photography, trick photography, photo editing, computer graphics, and music as a player of acoustic and electric guitar. My craftsman type skills include custom woodworking, general repairs and fabrications in wood, metal and plastic. 

 Combined Technical & Artistic & Craftsman Skills

I'm not your regular handyman in that I've combined my technical expertise and my creative & craftsman skills to offer a wide variety of services. I can do everything from repairing a broken chair to creating beautiful custom woodworking piece, and from building an electronic circuit to writing a custom computer program. I can also offer you technical solutions to many of the problems you might have around the home or office. My main focus now is computers and electronics.

With all that said, this is why I say..
"I am not your ordinary handyman".