Photo Gallery of Custom Electronics

by.. High-Tech Handyman  


This is a custom speaker volume control made using parts from the local Radio Shack.

Note: This is just a sample to show what we can custom fabricate for you. If you have an idea or special need, we can make it or assist you in making it yourself.




This is a custom circuit in the developmental stages which demonstrates our capabilities of basic circuit design and prototyping. This particular circuit counts revolutions of the electric motor using a reflective strip placed on the shaft of the motor.


Need a custom cable or adapter?

This is just a sampling of the many combinations available. 

You specify what you need and we can make it for you!



This is the bottom view (cover off) a custom built Guitar Effects Box. Actually, it's a Big Muff Fuzz clone.

Note: This is just a sample to show our basic capabilities of printed circuit board layout wiring and mechanical fabrication.




This is...