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This small wind turbine developed by High Tech Handyman in 2009
The objective was to build a wind turbine that would produce 
12 to 14 volts of useful energy at very low wind speeds, while 
at the same time, learning the basics of wind turbine design.

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Development Of The Blades

Starting off with a very basic wind mill just to test the blades.

These blades are made from 6 inch diameter PVC pipe, 
cut into quarters lengthwise about 24 inches long. 

These blades required wind speeds of 15 to 20 MPH to spin.









I picked up some very lightweight blades at the local fleamarket and built a second windmill to run side by side comparisons of the PVC blades Vs the lightweight blades. The lightweight blades spin very well in winds 5 MPH to 10 MPH.









Unfortunately, this lightweight set of blades blade self 
destructed in a single day of winds greater than 15 MPH.

I had to come up with something more rugged.









I finally came up with a very lightweight blade that holds up to winds 10 to 20 MPH.

This blade above is made from aluminum roof flashing purchased from the 
local home center.
The extras screw you see mounted in the Plexiglas hub was 
required to balance the blades.









The blades are stiffened by bending the edges onto the back side and then forming a curve onto the front side of the blade. I used a vise mounted broomstick as a form to work the curve into the blades.

Time will tell how strong of a wind these blades can withstand.

My most current lightweight design is a 16 inch long blade by about 3 inches wide.









Learn more about the development of this wind turbine...



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